Friday, November 28, 2008

Are you one of the crazy ones???

I can't believe it. I could have left work last night and gone shopping at the outlet mall when it opened at midnight! WHAT?????? Then I kept seeing ads for 4 and 5 am. Again--WHAT???? Ok folks--internet--that's part of what it is there for--and I'm sorry--not very darn much is getting me out of bed at that time of day--I don't care how good the sale it. About the only thing that gets me out of bed that early is the kids and work. And I work PM shift--so pretty much just kids!
Speaking of the kids--Miss Julia spent most of yeasterday with an on and off bloody nose. She work me up at 7:15 with a bloody nose--just dripping. Got that stopped, then around 10 am I hear Ted saying"you were warned to stop screwing around--go get mom" (yeah--you notice the get mom part). She had been wrestling with her brothers and broke the scab loose. That happened 4 times yesterday. You would think she would learn--but oh no--she'd rather wrestle. I was so thankful to go to work yeasterday. Good job, good money, people I like, my children not wrestling and getting bloody noses or other bloody parts, no whiny husband. Yes, Ted has my flu. And we really really need a second bathroom. So much for a shower by myself when my husband has the flu.
Hospice called again today. We've rescheduled the shadowing for this coming Tuesday. I had to reschedule Chewie's flu shot, but as I told Sarah(Hospice) I want to get in there and get started. I'm eager to get things going. Maybe it's silly, but Lauren loves working there and when I interviewed the atmosphere was just so perfect--I can't even put it into words. It could be that thing that I look forward too---and I get paid for it! I still haven't given up on the craniofacial clinic--but after 2 years of volunteering with the hope for a paid position--well, let's face facts--it ain't happening. So, I'm always going to be there if they need me for a consulting issue--but I have to do something else to get paid. Might as well be something I like.
The first bit of Christmas lights are up. I'm not climbing on the roof until Ted is better and able to hold the ladder for me. Hey--I do a 2 for 1 deal. String up lights and clean the gutters. Efficient huh?


bella1021 said...

Haha-- but with the internet you can't FEEL all the warm and fuzzies!!! To be honest at 0515 when I pulled in to Kohl's parking lot I thought that ain't bad! The line moved with a swiftness ;)
and then I got called off so I finished the other half of the store- headed to the outlet mall.. and got the HECK outta there by 1000 when the other sleepy crazy's got out!

emily said...

very efficient! we need both at our house, too (clean gutters and christmas lights!) i've been thinking about you, sounds like you guys are busy, busy, busy. we have to make plans, again (don't want to wait until christmas eve to see you again!!!)