Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dental appointment update/anniversary

Well, I'll start at the beginning of the day. I was able to take Chewie to school and I ventured out to Target---although I planned to hit the grocery store, Target wore me out. Quite an insult to me who fits back at anything that holds her down!! While I was there my MIL called to ask when someone would be home "just in case the present fairy dropped by". ??? Ok--well, I gave her some rough estimates cause I honestly had no clue! Home and talked to my mom while I tried to at least pick up some of the mess. I swear--my house isn't clean on the best of days, but get sick and it's impossible to wade through. Totally disgusting. Anyways, picked up the boys. While I'm loading up the dishwasher, Ted comes home with a 1 1/2 dozen roses--some really beautiful ones that are red and white mixed and other colors. While I'm on the phone making appts. and trying to leave a message at Hospice (to reschedule the shadowing--I was so disappointed I was too sick to do that on Tuesday)--all Hell breaks loose with 2 little boys fighting--AGAIN--and dogs barking. Door bell rings and it's a huge bouquet of dark pink roses, from my inlaws.! I'm serious--it looks like a florist shop in my kitchen. Too bad I can't freeze it into that way forever. Pick up Julia at school for the dentist. Get there--and of course after we're checked in--then Chewie decides to go to the bathroom. So we all toddle off to the bathroom, go back and into the dental chairs. Pediatrics dental offices are so cool. Three chairs all in one room with this cool jungle design. Rauan went off for his panoramic xray (checks the adult teeth) and Chewie sat for xrays!!!! MIRACLE!!!! And then he was perfectly calm for the exam--except he kept turning cause he wanted to look and see what she was doing. What a difference a few months can make. Julia had a bit of a breakdown when Dr. Allison came out to examine her. Not sure what was going on--she loves Dr. Allison. Maybe tired or just starting those little hormones---yes, studies do show that it can start this young, especially if children were deprived nutritionally at a young age and then got good nutrition. That would be Julia. But, since I'm a mom--I'm going with the tired.
Report card: Chewie--teeth look good. Couldn't get xrays on his back teeth (yep he's a gagger), but otherwise looks good. He even let the hygienist scrap some tarter off. Dr. Allison was talking about the underbite and what might be done. Mentioned pushback procedure (my understanding is Dr. Del is dead set against those) and the Le Forte procedure when he has achieved full facial growth (15-17). That involves moving his mid face forward through distraction. Very successful. Again, we'll see how his face changes. I've seen changes just in the 6 months he has been home.
Rauan--teeth great. Xrays showed we're going to have to do an implant of 2 teeth not just one. We'll have to replace one where the cleft was--but on the exact opposite side, where he has double baby teeth--no adult tooth. Bummer! So, we're looking at a bone graft and then implants for him somewhere around age 11-13, depends on when the adult teeth start to drop. He also has his first loose tooth on the bottom (sniff sniff)!
Julia--awesome as always. Still watching a molar for decay. One of her front teeth has a cavity but that will come out in the next year or so. So no worries. Dr. Allison talked with Julia about her "sweet" teeth and how she has to be extra careful with brushing them. Yep, again not genetically my child but she somehow got my soft teeth. Poor kid. And she has her third loose tooth.
All in all a successful visit.
Came home to a package on the doorstep. Candy from my in-laws. Yum.
For our exciting anniversary dinner, Pizza Hut. The kids were wild and the boys were fighting yet again when Ted got home. I was just not in the mood for going out to eat with wild children. My tummy has only handled small meals so far anyways. I did manage 1 piece of pizza and 1 piece of cheese bread (my favorite). So that was a positive. Julia ate some of the candy. I didn't think my belly was up that yet.
I'm planning on going to work tonight. Back to the normal routine for me. But first, I'm going to try the grocery store. If I can make it through Woodman's on a Saturday--I can do anything!


Lisa said...

Woodmans on a Saturday is a very courageous thing, JP. I wish you luck. Congrats on all the roses and a relatively nice day. It's amazing how our standards of "nice dinner" change when kids are involved isn't it? Happy Anniversary and Happy Saturday.

Maria said...

I read through this ENTIRE post only to STILL be confused about why the kids were at school on a Saturday??? I am very pleased to read that your house is a total disaster -- misery loves company, eh? I can barely do one kid at the dentist and here you are doing three .. you are my hero!

janiece said...

HAHA--Maria, the dentist appointment was Friday afternoon at 3 pm. Saturdays are filled with figure skating and hockey.