Monday, November 24, 2008

Sniff Sniff--another one is growing up

Rauan lost his first tooth yesterday just before I went to work--and there's another one ready to fall out any time! It seems the tooth fairy is making alot of visits to our house now.

As always, Wisconsin weather is never boring. When I left work at midnight Sunday--I could get by with a light jacket. Actually pretty nice. When I got up this am, it was to 2 inches of wet heavy snow. I asked Chewie if he remembered play with the snow with mom and dad last year and he does remember. I told him this year will be even more fun. When he asked why, I reminded him he now has a brother and sister that love the snow too (not to mention 2 hairy elkhounds--one young one with wwwaaaayyyy too much energy!). He whooped for joy! Yet again somehow I got a bunch of people looking at us like we are crazy!
Speaking of crazy, Belle--the wild elkhound--LOVES the snow, if possible more then Callie ever did. She wasn't too sure at first, but then she figured out shoving her nose into the snow and and flipping snow up in the air onto her back and whom ever else is around. Honestly, it's a revolving door here! All kids--2 and 4-legged kind, will sleep good tonight!


emily said...

too much fun!! what a cute, toothless mug!! i'm lovin' it.

Christine said...

How fun! I'm sure all he wants for Christmas is his front tooth!