Sunday, November 16, 2008

News from Russia

I recently received news that has been heavy on my heart and I haven't known what to do. The answer came to me this am. As many of you know, Julia came to us from a beautiful area of Russia, close to Mongolia, called Buryatia. The city she was in was Ulan-Ude. While poor the area is outstanding naturally beautiful. While falling in love with my princess, I fell in love with that part of the world. We belong to an organization by the name of BRAFF, which is a bunch of adoptive parents that are trying to help the children still in the orphanages. Recently there was news of 3 children that desperately needed medical attention or would be sent to an institution-one that was for mentally ill, thus condemning them. One of our moms worked very hard and was able to get them a medical evaluation here in Madison. But before that happened--a miracle. A family came forth to adopt 2 of them, totally willing to work with their medical needs. Unfortunately, this left one little girl, cleft-affected and then another little girl came to light. A sweet little 9 year old who was playing with matches when her dress caught on fire. Her trunk up to her chin were burned. Leg, face, underarms all unharmed. This poor child is condemned to living out her life in an institution unless someone helps her. Ted and I simply don't have the finances (or living space) to help her, but I'm hopeful someone reading this might. Anna, our cleft-affected sweetheart, is 7 years old with repairs done. She needs more work, both surgically and with speech therapy. Lyudmilla is 9. Julia--the woman we worked with in Russia, says she is quite sweet and well thought of at her current orphanage. If anyone is interested, please contact me. I also have pictures. I do believe there is some financial assistance available through BRAFF.


Christine said...

How sad. I am so glad you are spreading the word. I will be looking into Braff. Have you thought of contacting reece's rainbow who might be able to help you get the word out?

emily said...

oh. if you don't mind, i'll put a link up on my blog to this post... i'm praying that the right family reads it. keep us posted.

Lisa said...

Hey JP, guess who's already talking with Julie Hoffman about Lyudmilla and her little sister? Stay tuned for the financial begging to begin.