Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whistling Dixie

Driving back from hockey tonight--surprise surprise--guess who is trying to keep up with his sister? yep, Chewie is now a whistling fool! The same sound each time but he is so proud of himself. Can I expect a chorus from the Pritchard trio?
I go in to shadow a nurse next Tuesday then we'll set up my orientation schedule at Hospice. My sister is coming up next Monday to take her kids to the doctor, so she's going to take Alihan back down to my mom's for an overnight visit. Then on Tuesday I'm going to rush down to Janesville, pick him up and rush back for hockey. Bubba is going to Mr. Dave's for an extra afternoon (and he is thrilled---he loves Mr. Dave!). Ted will pick Julia and Rauan up after school and take Julia to skating. Good thing he is still in practice for lacing up figure skates! I could pay for childcare--but I'm going to avoid that until I'm actually getting paid! Which will start with orientation. The nurse I'm shadowing makes visits to hospice patients in long-term facilities and that's where they would like me to go. And the hours are fairly flexible. Can you say heaven??? There are some benefits to a flex position (no insurance and all that but hey--got that at the U). It will be great to work with Lauren again too.

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