Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a blast today has been! First started off with swimming lessons--with the required temper tantrum from one of my children (Chewie--who was being majorly pokey yet again!). So--normal day as always. Home to get the mail--where I found some awesome birthday cards. Off to Sun Prairie to meet Levi and family for some swimming. Absolute blast until we had a cloud burst out of nowhere--literally could not see since it was raining so hard. And that foolish lady in the black and blue swimming suit was laughing her head off while getting soaking wet (yes that would be me!) Ahh, you get lemons you make lemonade right? We got a good 2 hours in at the pool--the children were sufficiently tired. Got Rauan home for an hour nap--which he needs occasionally (or he is cranky cranky cranky!) Mommy fell asleep on the couch too. Then off to the last tball game--which is actually the water game. Yes, the water game--just as the name implies. I got there and started playing with the camera. Soon joining me were Jessica (mom to Gabe, Lucy and Nora and wife to Coach Dan) and Emily(mom to Theo, Emmett and newest addition Rubin) who brought me a birthday drink (suitably doctored up with coconut rum) and birthday candy bar (which Rauan and Chewie tried to steal--NOT). We had a blast! Of course, my BIG kid (Ted) was out there in the thick of the water fight--nailed one of the coached (Kyle--Olivia's dad) right in the center of his back with a water balloon! I thought Sue, Kyle's wife was going to roll right over she was laughing so hard. Afterwards we meet up with Dan and Jessica at Culver's where the children ran around and the parents laughed--and were possibly plotting about the beer tent at St. Dennis Fest on Saturday night??? Hummm Emily with Rubin and a few soaking wet tball kids

Jessica, Dan, Kyle and a few soaking wet kids.
Yes, Mr. Handsome Rauan--with just a bit of face black on.

Squirt guns aplenty!

Chewie wanted the camo face black. I know he looks serious there--well after all, tball is serious business!

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