Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday boy. Yes his hair is green and yes, that is a Diego Cake. He also got a Diego blanket, Diego comforter, Diego backpack(with all his school supplies) , Diego lunchbox--and his non Diego present--a new hockey helmet and mask. Now I'm expecting him to announce any day that he doesn't like Diego anymore.
Craniofacial picnic at the Henry Vilas zoo. This is the fabulous Dr. Delora Mount who I am lucky enough to work with and who has taken such incredibly great care of my children.

Ahhh, soccer. Julia is playing with her St. Dennis classmates on a summer team. She is the only girl---not that the boys notice at all. They all get along so well together and obviously care about each other. This is why I will continue to live where I live and work extra in order to pay tuition and stay at St. Dennis.

We met up with my very old friend (not in age just in time knowing her) Sally, her children and her niece Dallas--who I didn't even recognize-at the Henry Vilas zoo on Monday! Holy crap--does time fly. She's grown into a beautiful young lady! Anyways, here is my future scientist examining things.

A year ago--this would have never happened. Chewie was deathly scared of any kind of animals and now he "tries" to ride Loki, carries the cats around and now will let the goats eat out of his hand. We've come a long way baby!

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