Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh how I wish I had my camera with me tonight--although I don't know how well the pictures would have turned out. We went to the Dane County Fair--wearing heavy sweatshirts no less (58 degrees in the middle of July???). Chewie went nuts over the rides--did the tilt a whirl with his brother and sister and laughed the whole time. There were acrobats there doing daredevil tricks--some that I had to walk away from because I don't do heights or anything related to heights--and motorcycle tricks. My kids had the biggest eyes and Rauan was fascinated by the motorcycles.
Anyways, the best part was when the concert started. Trailer Choir--which anyone who listens to country music probably knows them. Hilarious. So, as we, white trash central, sit there eating fried cheese curds and drinking Dr. Pepper, they start singing "Rocking the Beer Gut". OMG!!! My kids went nuts. Singing, dancing, shaking their little bums. I laughed and laughed. Yes, we are crazy--but life is fun!

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