Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chewie's day in court. Yes we waited a rather long time to get this done--but things do happen (see last year's August postings). New courthouse--so instead of chambers they actually do it in a courtroom. I told the kids they only better see the inside of courtroom for happy stuff like this!
Such a nice judge. Different from the previous two adoptions, but equally just as nice. I'm sure readoptions are one of the few happy occasions they get to preside over.

Still working out the camera stuff. We went hiking yesterday and I took this picture of Julia. I liked how the light hit her hair, but for some reason it doesn't seem quite as clear on the larger screen. I'm going to take a class the end of August--per Emily's recommendation--and let's see what that does.

My cutie's sitting on a rather large rock.

Hey, gotta check this out and see how messy we can make things.
In other news--finally back on my bike. Lord knows I need the exercise. So much for my grand plans to lose weight. I think the weight went out for a hunt and found me! 3 in school full time this year. I've gotta do something besides work and clean house (yuck) right???
Tomorrow craniofacial clinic for all three. Watch out world, here comes the herd of Pritchards (yes, I needed hubby to help out--at least this way I have a fighting chance!)


emily said...

love your family photo in court. (congrats!!!!!)
chewie looks SO handsome.

can't wait to hear how you like your class... i think your pictures are already looking great, and it's only going to get better!

and, i'm jealous of the fact that all three of your kids are going to be in school full time. does that make me a bad mama?! oh, well...

Shannon said...

Yay court! I loved that day - it was actually fun!

Your pictures are stunning - of course, your subjects are pretty stunning, too!