Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pictures and updates

Here's that updated picture of Chewie that I promised. Mr. Handsome. Of course, right now he doesn't look like this. He "slipped" on the ice outside and cut his cheek. At least that's the story I'm getting from his brother and sister!
Yes, I couldn't believe it myself. Belle and Tasha. Ever since Tasha disappeared for a couple of days and Belle woke us up in the middle of the night to let us know Tasha was home--they are inseparable. Goofy animals!

And Miss Julia's fancy nails. Our hairdresser, Brooklyn, helped Julia pick this color out.
And that's it for the pictures. Since I know some of my co-workers read this--NO, I am NOT taking the care team leader position. I don't know how this information got out--but I want to get the truth out asap. Yes, it was mentioned to me that I should apply and I would be "good" at it, but I turned it down. I'm already away from home too much in the evenings and honestly I have enough responsibility now. I have a child with ADD who needs her mom, 2 boys that are VERY active and a husband who would like to see his wife once in a while. Ted and I made the decision a long time ago that we are more then willing to stay at lower level positions to be home with our children. God-willing, our children will be with us and still love us when we retire--our jobs won't be there and we can be replaced in our jobs.
In Chewie news--Ted reports that he is listening and understanding at hockey. Major breakthrough! Humm--hearing= understanding. Current discussion about if he should repeat preschool or go on to kindergarten. Problem is he will be 6 in July so he is going to be an older kindergartner. Ted and I decided that he's going to kindergarten and if he has to repeat kindergarten, so be it. He's made such amazing progress since surgery. I can't imagine how much he will advance by September.
It's like Julia never had surgery. I thought she would be more hypernasal after surgery, but I'm not detecting any difference. So it's full speed ahead with April. And reading is progressing nicely.
Rauan is playing a hockey tournament in March. This is big for him. Rauan is the child who would steadfastly refuse to participate in anything. I lost more money on swimming lessons trying to get him to participate and he would stand at the side with his arms crossed across his chest. Same for soccer and hockey. Even had some of this behavior for school. But we wouldn't give up and now he eagerly dresses for hockey and can't wait to do the tournament. Bumpa coming up for hockey is a big deal for him and I think that's part of the thrill. Now swimming and soccer--well, we'll see.
Ted shared his cold with me. You know, I get all of this equal stuff in marriage--but really, he can keep his colds.
We're going to get the final price on replacing some of the windows in the house and the contractor is going to look at how much it will cost to tile up the shower stall. I think it will be cheaper in the long run. Those surrounds just don't seem to last. I'm just excited about hopefully having new bedroom windows. Ours are such crap! Last summer we couldn't even open up those windows. Now if we can just keep the dogs from jumping up on the windows.


Shannon said...

You guys are busy busy! Hope you're feeling better. Chewie looks incredible and I love Julia's fancy nails. I think I was probably her age the last time I had a manicure! :)

Mala said...

Chewie is such a handsome guy! Watch out ladies!!!!