Sunday, March 8, 2009

Changes and cancellations

Boy, the titles I come up with! Well the biggest thing to be cancelled is the Florida trip. Well, maybe not cancelled--just delayed. Probably spring break 2010. Instead of a 2 day break at Thanksgiving time, the kids get a week or so off. We'll just pad that week a bit. With the economy and all that is going on (my damn teeth, house repairs, etc.) we'll just wait a bit longer. My reasoning--they'll remember it better at almost 8 and almost 7. Still have to come up with something good for my 40th birthday in 2010 though!
So, changes. Rauan has been down for the count for over 4 days now. He's perking up today but I didn't know such a small boy could produce so much vomit! And Lord knows, I've seen my share of vomit! He's been without a fever for almost 24 hours now--so he's back to school tomorrow and I'm cleaning and disinfecting! And as I look up while typing this--dusting big time!
I'm back to scrapbooking! YEAH!!! For those who have known me forever--I love to scrapbook. Doesn't mean I'm good at it--just love to play with pictures and tape and glue. And punch holes--sometimes the pounding helps gets a little aggression out! I just didn't do it for the longest time--between dealing with Rauan's orphanage rage, my issues dealing with that, changing jobs, my dad's sickness, my mother-in-law's sickness, dad's death, new nephew, new niece, adopting Chewie--and just life---I let it slide. Not any more. Got some bug up my butt about getting Rauan's book done (which it almost is) and getting Chewie done. To me that's important--so they have their history. Ted and I know where we came from and we have biological parents to tell us all the gory details. So, after I'm done with Chewie's--I'll start a general family scrapbook.
Other changes--I'm sick of being fat and having little to no energy. So guess who is back to making time for herself and going to the Princeton Club? I have to get over the mentality that spending time on myself is taking time away from the kids. I feel guilty for working 2 jobs--but the reality is that I'm very careful that I'm still away from them a minimal amount of time. The extra job is when they are in school--and actually that is going to work out well this summer. Hospicecare needs help in Janesville. The grandparents and aunts(ok and Uncle Josh--but that comes with Aunt Tete) live in Janesville. Now how many of us remember spending time with our relatives during the summer? And didn't we have a blast? Growing up I knew there were issues with my mom and her mom (only child and there were alot more issues I learned about as I grew up) but grandma lived out in the country--gardens, horses nearby, grandpa was usually sleeping (he worked nights most of his life). More freedom to some extent. Anyways, I think for the kids, spending a day a week at my mom's, Ted's parents, or with their aunties will give them some wonderful memories. So, back to the original train of thought, I'm forcing myself to work out. Next up more healthful eating--but one thing at a time!
The next thing up is the kids are doing great. Julia is improving by leaps and bounds at school. I'm so excited. Rauan--well as long as he stays healthy he is a joy. Then there is Chewie. He had his kindergarten screening. St. Dennis is lucky enough that it is retired teachers or moms who used to teach that do the screening. So I'm so worried about how Chewie is going to do. Why? He did awesome and totally charmed Mrs. B. I think she fell a bit in love. Are we surprised?? Of course, Mrs. J and Mrs. M.--Rauan's teachers, are very worried about him. And I heard again about what a charmer he is. So, yet again I'm told how great my kids are. These are the days that reassure me that I'm doing my job ok as a mom.
Well, folks, we had a few good days of weather here and Wisconsin teased us into thinking spring was coming. Yes, today it is snowing. Moving south looks better all the time.

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