Thursday, March 19, 2009

As promised again!!

And yet again, probably one of the happiest kids I've ever seen! We've had some absolutely lovely days here in the frozen tundra--and the kids and I have taken advantage. On Wednesday we were outside for 2 hours--from the time Julia left school at 3:15. Here we are at the playground closeby.
The two other monkeys. After the playground, we met Ted at Dairy Queen. Nothing like a little ice cream to totally wreck your dinner. Neglectful mommy hasn't been to the grocery store in a while--we ended up with Papa Murphy's pizza last night. Yes--I did go today. Coffee and toilet paper. When your down to the last roll--priorities!

Here's our hockey champ! He's so proud of himself. My little man. He starts a hockey camp in April to help with more skills development. Then the Green Bay Packers are doing some kind of summer camp thing--one of them will be held in Madison the end of July. He's old enough and I'm debating it. New camera for mommy or football camp??? Yeah--you know who will win out on that one! Camera will wait. We'll see if he wants to do it--if it will even fit in the schedule! Ted wants the boys to do the power skating classes and we have to bust our butts this summer to get Chewie up to speed for kindergarten. There was a big discussion on should he do preK again or Kindergarten. But--at 6 he needs to move up. After all he has only been able to hear for a couple of months. So, please say a few prayers in that direction.
Also, my MIL in in the hospital. Pleural effusion. Please say a few prayers in her direction too.


Hilary Marquis said...

Way to go Rauan!!! We'll pray for both Chewie's school stuff as well as your mother in law. Talk to ya soon :)

Mom to 2 Angels said...

I love the warmer weather! C will be 6 this month and hasn't started kindergarten yet, either, so we are right there with you.(sort of, he's had 5 years to adjust being home :)

Lisa said...

That looks like a totally awesome afternoon JP. No Papa Murphy's here and that's bad!

As always, sending whatever prayers you need your way. Including the "Please don't let Ted drive JP crazy today" prayer :)

~hugs from Tejas~