Monday, March 23, 2009

One year ago

As we left the waterpark yesterday, I realized that one year ago, Ted and I were in a made rush to get him to Chicago to get plane to Moscow. It was one year ago that our family size was about to change--from a family of 4 ( and the man to man defense that Ted loves to joke about) to our current family size of 5 (the zone defense). Wow--what a difference a year makes! Of course, as I type this, Ted is standing behind me with a twitch in his eye as he is remembering the mad dash. Yet again I remind him --and everyone else--that it wouldn't be a Pritchard adoption trip unless something went wrong. Hey--at least he got his luggage in Bishkek! Another benefit--we found out our new minivan performed well under pressure--we had picked it up maybe 3 days before the mad dash!
I'll put up some waterpark pics later. Right now it will be the mad dash for school. But as I reflect on things I would just like to state--as I have many times before--the answer to the question about changing anything in the history of my life--"not a damn thing!"


bella1021 said...

ahh... i remember reading those posts ;)

Maria said...

Wow! Has it been a year? I remember reading about that and when you got the van. Time flies.