Thursday, March 26, 2009


Crap crap crap crap! I just realized I had playground duty yesterday and I totally forgot about it until this am! Double crap! One of these days I will finally admit I am trying to do to much and slow down. Ok--I may be 90 by then, but that is someday.
Interestingly, I ended up charge nurse last night (yes the job I despise) and I was talking to my manager about the pediatric nurse exam and how I have decided to wait until fall to take it. We have to do a telemetry competency exam in May and if we fail, education and retake in June. After that???? Anyways, I suck at EKGs. Totally. Add to that exam anxiety and it isn't a pretty picture. So, in order to keep some sanity--no peds exam. I mean I went off the deep end a long time ago, but I'm still doing the doggie paddle and keeping afloat. So, anyways, back to my manager. She asked me if I was still doing the craniofacial clinic. While I still have ties there, no. I simply couldn't keep doing it. I miss it, but I like my sanity more. Sorta. She looked at me and said, "its good to know your limits and saying no sometimes is ok". Wow, a manager saying that??? Well, at the ripe old age of 38, almost 39 (and holding there by the way), I've learned no is an acceptable answer.
Which brings me back to playground duty. Next year we're paying the $50 and I don't have to worry about freaking out the next am that I forgot it. Or stress over trying to find time to do it.

"No, I can't do it" is ok.


Shannon said...

Good for you. Knowing how and when to say "no" IS very important. :)

Lisa said...

Yes, JP. It is okay to say no. Ask Anatoly. He says I do it ALL the time ;)