Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is coming!!!

I'm in desperate need of summer. Just as I was about to scream in frustration--a beautiful day and no more sick kids--well, Julia is still on antibiotics--but she's back to her usual peppy self. So, Rauan's hockey tournament was today and I wasn't about to waste my time at home when it's in the 40s and sunny! So, off to Olbrich to look for signs of spring--which we found. Chewie literally ran throughout the area. And my favorite sign of spring--robins!!! I was overjoyed to see robins thoughout Olbrich. I ran into Melanie there(her son plays soccer with the kids--and has for going on 4 years now!) and she was snapping pictures too. I think she also got a picture of this robin. Guess he was showing off for us! Julia and Chewie had a blast running around checking for robins and pointing them out to me.
Then afterwards, off to get some shamrock shakes. I figured Rauan would be home so I got one for him too. They LOVED them! Rauan also got a medal at the hockey tournament. More pictures on that later.
And off to work for me. Get a break and I wanted to share my joy of a robin and all that it means. HAPPY SPRING!!!!!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

I'm glad you guys had a beautiful day. I'm ready for some down here. What are shamrock shakes?

Mala said...

I'm with you! The snow is melting quickly around here (yes, but still not quick enough for me!) Of course that doesn't mean we won't get another blizzard any day.