Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sometimes it just scares me. Every year we've gone to the Monster Truck show on Saturday night. And we were looking forward to showing it to Chewie. After 12 straight days of work, Emily's birthday party and just the normal day to day--I just told Ted I didn't feel like going. To be honest, I had told him a couple days before I would be perfectly happy just sitting at home and watching TV and being a family! So, we didn't go. Julia crashed early along with the boys--so it wasn't a bad thing. Woke up today to find that a tragic accident had caused the death of the announcer. Thank God we weren't there! As tragic as it was, its not something I want to explain to the kids. While I'm comfortable with death and talking about it--this is just not something I'm ready for them to witness--hopefully they never will. Please say a prayer for those involved in this horrible tragic accident.
As I mentioned yesterday was Emily's birthday party. It was fun. Julia went with me and played with Lucy--Emily's niece. Lucy just happens to be the sister of her deskmate Gabe. Yes it is a small world. When Emily's mom asked how we meet---well, adoption, of course. But, as we talked, we found our lives have intertwined--just missing each other. God finally decided enough of this jogging around and meet already! What fun! And what a great group of women. Julia and I had a blast--and she loved being part of the big girl group.
Today was the start of Catholic schools week. Early church--yes I got my butt out of bed early! Then school tour--where of course Gabe and Lucy were with their mom(Jessica, Emily's sister) dad and baby sister. Yes they ran around and helped tired my children out. Then we went out for brunch--something we haven't done for awhile.
Chewie's surgery is on Wednesday. I'm searching for some stuff for him and today I bought him some Diego movies. He LOVES Diego--I have no idea why! Anyways, I have a sneaking suspicion we'll end up on the overflow unit--ok how stable can you get when your anal retentive mommy is a peds nurse who works with craniofacial stuff and that's what you are there for---and who knows what kind of supplies they will have for distraction?? Granted he might not like watching movies after surgery---but then again, this is the kid who puked, cleaned himself, slept a few hours, and was ready to go about a week ago. He doesn't feel sick for long! Anyways, got the soft foods, got food for Rauan to take in for snack day---because of course I signed up for Rauan's snack day to be the 28th and then scheduled the surgery for them. Brilliant plan huh? Only me! So, I'll keep you up to date as this progresses. And to prove just how anal retentive I am--I'm going to take pictures before and after--and during his recovery. Yeah I'm weird--but you already knew that.


Hilary Marquis said...

And I want a phone call when he is out of surgery!!! (after the fam of course :)

Marnie and Jeremy said...

I'm looking forward to the pictures. I know they did their best but when I saw him at Tokmok after his surgery, I was wishing they had waited so you could have it done in the states. I am dealing with Korea wanting to do Aubrey's amputation and I have made it clear that I don't want them doing it. Give him a hug for Jyly and I. He is always in our thoughts.

bella1021 said...

Good Luck!!! I won't be at work until Friday... If you end up in D4-- you will be fine!!! it will just be a new adventure and realize just how lucky we are to have a new hospital ;)

let me know if you need anything!