Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poor guy--doesn't quite get what's going to happen. I had to bribe him with a Diego video to get him to take off his coat. Yes, I am a strong believer in bribery!
Right after we got to our room on yes--P4!!! We lucked out--no overflow unit for us. They came around with a wagon full of soft pillowcases and Chewie likes Diego and dinosaurs. Isn't he cute with his surgical cap?

All I have to say is I am blessed. I have a wonderful family, a couple of great jobs and I have been lucky enough to have --as another nurse said to me--the creme de la creme of doctors for my children. Dr. Del came by and checked on Chewie and left this little note for him. Spoiled much???


Can you believe how much his side profile has changed!! This was this am before we left.
We were out by 9 am. We came home, unpacked and I started washing clothes--the never ending battle. It was hilarious walking out of the hospital--hearing this little bitty--but amzingly clear voice--yelling out as he walked--"My penis hurts, my penis hurts!" Yeah--where I know an amazing amount of people. All I could was say I know baby I know, but it will feel better soon.
So, he sees the urology NP on Thursday am. Ted was given the choice of either picking up Bubba from school or taking Chewie for his follow up (he hasn't decided--anyone placing bets??)
I'll take him back to see Dr. Del on Friday afternoon. I do have to say--being back in the craniofacial swing of things, I miss it so much. Someday.
Oh Julia just said to me Mom, he talks better! Amazing what happens when your ears are cleaned out!


J-momma said...

groaned when i saw the first hospital picture. not because he looks bad or anything, but because i know mateo is just a couple years shy of having that very same surgery. and i dread it. i can't imagine putting him through that. everytime i think of it, i tell my husband that i changed my mind, we're not doing it, mateo can stay the way he is. but i know that's the the best. it just looks so sad and painful. i hope your little guy recovers well. although i have a feeling, we'll be back in the hospital for a surgery much sooner. mateo is having trouble breathing again and i'm worried the tonsils are next (he just had his adenoids out in september).

Hilary Marquis said...

HOLY MOLY!!! My compliments to Dr. Del. He looks wonderful! (made me cry to see him looking like he hurts) But, what a difference it is going to make for him. We'll be praying for quick and painless recovery.