Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chewie medical update

Chewie's revision is scheduled Jan. 28. Part of the pre-requs for it are a preop physical one month before the surgery. Some of you know the story about how my doctor and her partners contract were "severed" after many many years with the same health organization (he 30+ and she almost 16 years). While I liked her replacement just fine (she is a great doctor and was exceptional with my issues), I preferred my own doctor--who has seen me through the infertility hell and adoption hell and all that followed. Low and behold, she relocated to the University and her office is super close! YEAH!! So, today Chewie got his physical..Ok--the kid has a set of lungs and they are LOUD and ENDLESS! All I can say is she's wonderful and by the end of the appointment he was playing with everything in the office (she has two young boys too). The boy is 43 inches tall and 42 pounds. I honestly can't remember how much he weighed when he came home (30 or 32 come to mind) but he was 36 inches. That averages to just over 1 inch a month!!!! I know he is way muscular then before. She is also fairly certainly that yes, that bump on his ribs is a repaired break. E'nuff said on that issue. Except for the mention of that special place in Hell.
Rauan is home sick. No fever this am--complained of a belly ache, but because of something he said I thought anxiety. So, late morning phone call. Went to school to pick him up and found him lying on the bench outside the office with a bucket. Got in the van and drove him home with Ted following me (yes he was there--Ted was testing my patience this am and I think he was trying to suck up). On the way home what do I hear from Rauan but "I'm hungry,what's for lunch?" Oh--major mom pissiness at that point. Told him he was tired and to go to bed. Ted went in with him and all of the sudden I hear "I'm puking I'm puking" Ted saying "what" and then a major "GET INTO THE BATHROOM NOW!!!" He had vomited all the way down the front of the bunkbed, hit Alihan's bed, hit the ladder--YUCK!!! I think he narrowly missed Ted. Just missed. While I'm cleaning it up, Ted said "I don't know how you stand it" . When I questioned him he said--"how do you do this everyday" Listen--if all I have to deal with is a little vomit--it's a GREAT day! Vomit is nothing.
Ok everyone---a little respect for the nurses! HAHAHA, we deal with a lot of crap--literally and figuratively. There was an interesting article in today's paper about the nursing shortage. Humm do you think he read that? Oh I have many comments on that article--but I'll save that for a rainy day. Main point--see first sentence in the paragraph.

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Mala said...

All props to you! And you're kind! I did not inherit the gene for being able to tolerate vomit. Just can't do it. That's when my wonderful husband comes in and saves me!