Friday, January 2, 2009

Taking all the fun away--aka--why don't people keep their mouths shut???

Some moms' need a kick in the ass. Sorry but it's the truth. I want to maintain the illusion of Santa for as long as possible. It's the age of innocence---and I want my children to have a childhood. Once that illusion is gone, something changes. So, before Christmas, Julia tells me "Brandon's mom told him that Santa isn't real." Me, trying to maintain my composure while thinking mean things about Brandon and his mom--"really, well, what do you think Julia?" Julia said" I think Santa is real" (Thank you God!!!). My reply was "me too". Of course it didn't hurt that we saw "Santa" driving a car--probably on his way to a party. C'mon people--why wreck a 6 years old fun? Of course, Julia mentioned it again today. I told her Brandon didn't know what he was talking about. Of course, this is the same child that kept telling Julia that her fingers would grow back. Brandon's mom--if you want to "spill the beans" to Brandon--fine whatever--but tell him to keep his mouth shut to other kids. Honestly, no one ever told me--the realization just came about and that's just fine.
Besides, what is Santa? Is Santa the joy and love and the feeling of family that we really try to experience at Christmas time? Is it the love we give our children when we surprise them with gifts? Is it the generosity that makes it way through church groups, homeless shelters, and the Salvation Army to make sure that every child has at least one gift and a decent holiday meal? If that's it, Santa is real and will continue to be real to me and my family forever.
Ok done with my rant. But I'm still pissed off.


stef said...

Good blog!. That last bit about Santa is classic! You should print and frame it! Happy New Year!

emily said...

we need a stiff drink!!!

janiece said...

anytime Emily--anytime

Janay said...

Of course Santa is real. Santa Claus, St Nicholas, Father Christmas has lived in the hearts of millions of children everywhere,all over the world, for hundreds of years. It doesn't matter if you are 6 Julia, or 65 like Maamaw and Bumpa, as long as Santa is alive in your heart he is real. The spirit of Santa is always in our hearts. Maamaw

Mala said...

Count me in for the ass-kicking posse! What a beyotch!!! Oh I think I'd be on the phone with Mrs. BuzzKill pronto.
I'm with you, I want Santa to last as long as possible. It's such a special time in childhood and you're right, something changes when that magic is gone.
I've warned Morgan that other kids may try to tell her these lies and that they're just trying to get her to not believe in Santa so that they get more toys. That's worked so far.