Tuesday, January 20, 2009


WOW--today my children--my colorful family--watched the first African American president be sworn in. No matter what your political views, isn't it amazing to watch our colorful country stand together at our nation's capital and see history being made? Rauan came home today and told me how he got to watch the inauguration and see Barack Obama become our president. Our children got to see that anyone--ANYONE--can become a great leader and inspiration to many. Of course Julia had to tell me about the "lady singer and her big hat". That just cracked me up. Leave it to Julia.
I have to say I was blessed today to be at a work environment that encouraged us--actually helped us to arrange our schedules--so we could watch the inauguration if we so chose to do so. And I chose to do so amongst my new HospiceInc. coworkers--young, old, colorful, male, female, from the highest level of employment to the unpaid volunteers. All together. That, in and of itself, is an inspiration.
And just a shout out to my MIL--they loved my stethoscope and the story behind the initials!


adoptyaroslav said...

I got to watch it from home before going in to work. Even my ultra conservative veterinarian (whom I had just visited with one of my fur covered babies) was watching it on the tv in his office.

Definitely amazing, no matter where you are on the political spectrum. I just wish my son had been here to watch it, and the whole political process, too.


Jarka said...

great post! :D I´m happy with you...I´ve got one question...could I add a link to your page on my blog? thanks :)

janiece said...


Gen 's Family Story said...

Yes, it was great to see a multiracial man be sworn in to power even with my differing views!