Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes, It's Christmas

It's hard to believe a year ago, Ted and I were getting ready to go and meet Chewie. Now we DO HAVE a full house!
I worked 6 days in a row so I could be off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Tiring but worth it. On Christmas Eve, Emily and Theo joined us for our tradition of going to the Olbrich train show in the am. Even better--this year it was free since it was Wednesday am (score!). Not as crowded as last year--it was snowing AGAIN! We then went to Red Robin (another favorite). Emily and I indulged in Gingerbread shakes--yummy. Definite thumbs up. Rauan graduated to adult meals. After downing a child's meal in less then 5 minutes, saying he is still starving, and eating fries off daddy's plate and then daddy ordering more--yeah he needs adult meals from now on! We went home and rested a while then Julia and I left for church. Angels and shepherds needed to be there by 3:30 for the 4 pm mass--of course I think everyone for the 4 pm mass was there at 3--the church was already full and the gathering area was already filling up! Ted and the boys sat waaaaayyyy in the back. I didn't even see them at all. ( I escorted the angels to the front of church).
After church it was down to Janesville. I picked up mom and then we headed over to Ted's parents for dinner and some present opening. Lots of dinosaurs and Hannah Montana stuff (see video below--6 year old girls are sooooo funny!) Oh yes, Aunt Mimi struck again--light sabers for the boys. Yes, the emergency room knows us by name--and I'm sure they'll be seeing us soon. Not sure for which boy though. The big boy--the 6 ft. 3 inch one--was playing light saber this am with his youngest. Yes, I really do have 4 children, not 3!
Needless to say, snoring kids all the way back home. They actually slept until almost 8 am! Then attack of the children! The wii is a big hit. Now I just have save my pennies for Guitar Hero-yes I'm a geek. The boys have matching Polar Cap jackets (with their names embriodered to keep the peace), Julia is in Hannah Montana heaven and this mom got her own special gift--a 3 hour nap today! Ted got his gift certificate for a massage--he's having shoulder issues. My husband--most men that play football have knee issues--no--proving he is just as much a weirdo as me, it's his shoulders!
Now, to feed some overtired, over stimulated children and get them to bed. Maybe by the weekend I'll be able to walk through the house again--hahahahaha!

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