Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hilary and Tim Marquis and their wonderful children came to visit us. For those of you that don't know, Hilary and Tim met Chewie when they went to visit their daughter Anara. When I found out about him, one of the names I was given was Hilary's and from the first time I talked to her there was an instant connection. I believe with that first phone call , all of our children had just gone to bed and we were both wading through our piles of laundry (the never ending battle) while talking to each other! Moms of young children!
Last night we met up with them at the YMCA--swimming=tired children, especially after riding in a van all day! Of course, my kids were in heaven. Bubba managed to skin his nose on the wall of the wading pool. Don't ask--I have no idea how he managed it! Today, a sledding adventure! Definitely an adventure since our record snowfall was rained on producing a sheet of ice at the bottom of the big snowhill (southern exposure). Ted found a fairly decent spot and off they went. Aside from a bush that kept jumping out at the kids (resulting in a few scraps and bumps), they had a blast. And were tired. Back to my house for hot chocolate, popcorn and a movie. Then Glass Nickel pizza (yeah those in Madison know what I'm talking about) and beer. Very important stuff--pizza and beer! Chewie and Anara loved Sneaky cat. And Tyler kissed Julia on the cheek. So cute! Toby and Tyler had Star Wars helmets--so the those along with the light sabers came out. Think the boys had fun??? Chewie managed to pass out on the couch tonight. That darn bush on the snowhill kept jumping out at Mia but those cheeks were nice and rosy. I saw her and Julia hand in hand a couple of times. She needs to be around more often to influence Julia--she actually dresses the Barbies instead of Miss Julia stripping them and leaving them naked. It was a blast. 7 young children running around--the house was nosy, messy and full of life. The way it always should be--perfect. I LOVED IT--each and every moment.


Hilary Marquis said...

Wow you're fast! I am using Tim's laptop in the car with the wireless internet card :) Thanks so much for having us, we all had a BLAST! The kids were definitely worn out and did not want to be dragged from their beds this morning...First movie of the trip this morning, STAR WARS! With 4 kids humming the theme in the backseat. Well, almost time to stop for lunch! Happy New Year!

Mala said...

That is so cool!!!!!!!! One of these days we'll have to get a big KG reunion going!!!