Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally Christmas!

On Saturday night, I called home and told the kids if they got the basement cleaned up, we could do the Christmas decorating on Sunday before I went to work. Honestly, for once I was hoping to get called off because if it didn't get done then--we'd have to wait until next Sunday. For those who don't know me well---I love Christmas. Not the presents and all of that---I love the lights and the decorating. So for me to wait until Dec. 14--yeah never! We also put the tree up in the basement because of A. cats who climb B. children that mess around with things C. basement is finished off with "northwoods" stuff--including fireplace and bar (which I might need !)
We got things going on Sunday, but I never got the call. Damn--the ONE time I wanted off. So, off I go to work. I'm in the elevator and my phone rings--not the notorious "Welcome to the Jungle". It's Jennifer who is charge that day. Lots of late discharges. Want off? Hell yes! Off I went back home--not without stopping at Wal-Mart first. Ted needs stuff for the soup he was making.
So, decorations are up--tree is done. Chewie is fascinated by the nativity. I caught Chewie checking out and Julia explaining Baby Jesus to him. Ted put up what lights he could--no roof light this year. I caught Tasha peeking at us though the limbs of the Christmas tree. So cute! Now get off the tree darn cat!
We have a pair of hockey skates on hold for us. Ted took Rauan down to get fitted telling him Santa asked us to check his size so he knows what size of skates to get him. Now I just have to get down there to pick them up. Madison is expecting a major winter storm tonight through Wed. am. Thank goodness I have work off tomorrow. The boys are both getting Polar Cap jackets, matching PJs (I told you I'm a geek) and I found some fun ones for Julia yesterday at Wal-Mart (to be purchased this next week), Julia's getting a Groovy Girl doll and some accessories. I bought some Pokemon cards for stocking stuffers. That's all I've been hearing about is Pokemon cards--what's up with that? The children are also getting books and we got a wii for the family gift. I have to get a few things for Chari (buddy in Missouri--she was my matron of honor) including cheese. They can't get half of the cheese we have readily available at Woodman's. Then I have to get some candy for the stockings. WOW I might actually be done!
Miracle of miracles--Ted and I have a date night planned. Stacey is done with school this week, except for some research lab stuff. So on the 17th she's coming over and we are going out. What we'll do I really don't care. I don't know when Marley and Me is coming out but I really want to see that. On the 18th, Chari's present is getting mailed and then I work the next 5 days. So, I think dinner and a movie. Maybe actual conversation???!!


bella1021 said...

Sweet-- glad you got your stuff up!! :)

emily said...

A DATE NIGHT?!?!?! wooo hooo!!! (we still need to plan an emily and janiece night, too. i've been sooo amiss. so far behind on my emailing. ugh. maybe school will get called off tomorrow, and i can catch up?!?!?!)