Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!!!

Call me selfish, but when I heard that we were expecting a major winter snow storm, I seriously hoped school would be called off. Not for the normal reasons about worrying about driving in the snow and stuff like that. St. Dennis is very close and so is Messiah Lutheran. No--I wanted school called off so the kids could sleep in--hence I would have some extra sleep time! Well, we got the snow day but did I get to sleep in? Curses, foiled again! About 4:30 am I woke up to someone patting me saying she was scared. Julia crawled over me and snuggled right down between me and Ted. I don't so much mind that--but we have a queen bed--so think about this--Ted, Julia, Janiece and the damn cat(Sneaky--who takes up a huge amount of room)--then down at my feet the other damn cat, Tasha. Ok, neither Ted or I are small people. Talk about a close family! At least I didn't get kicked during those wee morning hours--Ted did (HAHAHA).
I seriously think we will again make another snow record. Last year Madison hit the 100 plus inches of snow--new record. I think this year is going to be the same. Of course, I am old enough to remember the winters of 77, 78 and 79. Back before the warnings about snow tunnels and snow forts--my sister and I were really good at building those in the HUGE drifts we had.
Ted already blew the driveway--and it's already starting to blow shut. The kids put on their snowpants and went out to "help"--meaning they dug Grinchy (our Santa Grinch decoration) out of the snow. Later, I'm putting them in the backyard to shovel off the deck and play with the dogs---who are in snow heaven. Belle got herself stuck in the snow--casting my mind back to when Callie did that as a puppy. She couldn't get over the huge drifts in my parents backyard and I had to climb over the drifts and snow and lift her out. So, Belle is just like Callie--did that stop her?? Heck no! Loki and Belle are tearing up the backyard throwing snow at each other--just covered in it!
I'll head into work later--I'm essential personnel. Does it bother me--not a bit. I'm in town and it makes more sense for me to come in then someone who drives from an hour away--and that's when the weather is good. Besides, I'm the freak that likes work!


emily said...

happy snow day!!!! our bed was three deep last night, too. hmmmm... dave ended up on the couch, thanks to the kicking. emmett and i just came in from outside (he lasted for about 45 minutes...) dave and theo are still out, shoveling and playing with the neighbors. i love it!!!

bella1021 said...

thanks for driving in ;)

too bad its sooo freaking cold out now!more snow to come !!