Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend recap

First day back on the floor--pretty fricking rough. Not sure what I think of the new computer system. I really feel lost with it--but my understanding is that is how everyone feels. Don't have much choice but to make it work. It was rough too because I cared for one patient--patient crying, parent crying and it took pretty much every damn muscle and fiber of my being to not join in! I wish those hormones would straighten out. It is nice to know that you are missed. I had a fair amount of co-workers tell me they were glad I was back and had missed me. In other work news, I've applied for a temp. position with a home health agency here in Madison to administer flu shots. I can do short clinics while the kids are at school and try to make some additional money to make up for what I lost while out of work and to also pay for the childcare that I now have to pay for since Ted lost his flex schedule. Of course--after everything is arranged, Ted's manager tells him that he can flex his schedule again. Right. Nice. Well-there are those hopefully extra shifts coming up! Plus--we're hoping that "Santa" can find a wii to give to the Pritchard kids for Christmas. And Ted needs new hockey skates. Yep, momma needs to work more. Honest folks--this is normal for me. If I don't work, Ted is going to come home one day and find the whole inside of the house repainted! Not that it doesn't need to be done this winter--but this is just me. And I really really hate cleaning the house--something that needs to be constantly done around here. 3 kids, 3 cats, 2 hairy dogs--need I say more???
Ok faithful readers--I need 10th anniversary ideas. Ted and I will be married 10 years on November 21. Just to make sure that it is romantic as usual around here--all 3 kids have a dentist appt. that afternoon! And I work that weekend. So, I need ideas for either the weekend before or the weekend after our anniversary. Ted mentioned the Dells--and romantic that I am--quickly put that idea to rest. "If we're going to the Dells, we're taking the kids". After all, it is the "waterpark capitol". So, I think we can ship the kids off to one of the grandparents. Possibly the hairy four-legged ones too! Now comes the concern. Snow and ice. You just never know around here. So, ideas. If I leave this up to Ted--while a wonderful guy--we'll end up doing nothing but a romantic dinner of cheeseburgers, beer and the Packers (or the Bears depending on who is playing). Or he'll decide to do something at the last minute. And you know what happens there.
Ok, off to see how the Packers are playing. And drink a beer. (yes, I did marry the perfect guy).

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