Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rauan's first offical day of kindergarten

Well, I had some unexpected "complications", so I've been a little slow getting things put up. I had some pain and dizziness on Wednesday. First time I've had anything so I was a bit concerned and called the doctor. I was told to slow down. I'm sure what was actually said was "tell her to sit her ass down and stop trying to be superwoman" but you know. So, I sat down for a few minutes. I actually think I'm might have been a bit dehydrated--but you know that's just my lowly nurse opinion.
So, Rauan's first full day (it actually only goes until 11:45 am) was Thursday. I made Ted go with (he didn't last year) so he got to really experience the first day of kindergarten. We all go in and the kids take their sit in "circle" and the parents basically stand at the back of the classroom and listen to Mrs. Jansen explain what the day, week, month, year are going to be like. Julia loved Mrs. Jansen last year and I hope Rauan does too. I just wish I had Mrs. Jansen's energy! Of course she drinks coffee like crazy--maybe that's what I need to do! Chewie was quite mad that he didn't get to go to school. In fact, on Friday he cried when I dropped Julia and Rauan off--and he kept crying until he realized he was going to the grocery store with me and then to his school. He darn near knocked me down as he ran into school! I would guess that starting him is school was a good idea!

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