Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer starts!

The kids started soccer practice last night--delayed by a day because of rain. Chewie is going to be the mascot--but honestly I think he would just rather play on the play equipment at the schools. Which is fine--gives him plenty of exercise. So,here's a couple of photos of the practice and of course, one of Chewie playing with a friend of ours. These kids just make me laugh. They have played together for a while now and love it. It's become an extended family for all of us. Julia slept over at Tori's house last night. Tori is such a good influence on Julia--Tori doesn't wear pullups at night--so now Julia doesn't either. Tori reads--Julia is practicing and I'm not fighting with her to do it! (always a good thing!) Tori is also from Russia (right across Lake Baikal) so I'm so glad they found each other.
And yes, I've returned to the exercise field myself. Yesterday, after all children were in school, I took the furry children (no not Ted the four-legged ones Loki and Belle) to the dog park, by myself! We went around twice (a little over a mile) and I jogged a bit--trying to train Belle to run next to me. She is the perfect dog to run with!!! Loki took a bit to train, because he wants to pull, but Belle--awesome! Now if Mom can just get into shape--I've never been much of a runner and I'm definitely not in good shape! Today I did the Princeton Club--and not just to shower. Walked on the treadmill and lifted some weights--yes--light weights, low reps. I was a good girl. Let me tell you it felt great!!! I should have had a hysterectomy years ago!


Christine said...

Glad to hear Tori is a great influence on your daughter Julia. Great pictures.

Christine said...

BTW, I've added your blog.

bella1021 said...

Yeah! keep up the good work ;)