Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perspective-"why are you squishy mommy?"

From my 6 year old daughter with the rock hard six-pak tummy, as she pokes my jiggly tummy! Nice huh? I'm extremely careful what I say to her because I had issues with my weight when I was a young teenage--to the point my parents took me to the doctors thinking I was anorexic. Obviously that's not an issue now :) But, I see some of the stuff that goes on these days and with Julia's near perfect figure--and the future with her having her hand "different" and her cleft issues--and how mean little girls can be--I want her self-esteem strong. So, I just reminded her that everyone is built different and I don't have her athletic build. Also, mommy doesn't run, ice skate, play soccer, or all those other things that gives her the rock hard tummy.
Of course, then once Ted got home we went to the club. I just had to do something--I'm finding as I'm getting better--the more I want to work out and get stronger. Perhaps to keep up with my crazy active daughter????


Hilary Marquis said...

Is that anything like, "mommy, you have train tracks!"...stretch marks!!! I let the child know that he was the cause of those "train tracks". I keep telling myself that they are battle scars and badges of honor :) too bad they aren't shiny and gold!

emily said...

hmmmm. theo hasn't started asking me questions like these, yet... but i'm sure they are coming. like, "what are all of those criss-crosses on your tummy? what happened to your belly button? why is your butt so big?" (ok, hopefully he doesn't say that last one, but he very well could. aging. ugh.