Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ted wanted me to post this--after the plumber came in today--he totally validated Ted's abilities. And he couldn't believe everything that broke that fast and that Ted was able to get everything done. There was no way Ted could have fixed the utility tub and garbage disposal. The garbage disposal was totally gerry-rigged and running "20 times harder then it should" and he was surprised we've lived here for almost 10 years and it's lasted! Well, it's now fixed correctly and should last for a long long time. I now also have a much smaller utility tub with a faucet that MOVES! It's pretty bad when I do a jig around a utility tub because it works right! Ok--too much time at home. Oh--and the bathroom looks very nice. The surround is just a bit shorter then the previous one (maybe that's actually width) so I need to do some plastering, sanding and painting.
Ok everyone--applause to Ted and claps on the back!


Maria said...

YAY TED!!! Ok, now that's done, I'm SO glad you were able to get a plumber and get all that yucky stuff fixed. I know you are feeling much better now! Easier than packing and moving, huh? *smile*

Elizabeth and Bill said...

Way to go Ted!