Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Julia's first offical day of school

Today was Julia's first day of school. 8:15-11:45 AM. Then Rauan had his Ready, Set, Go conference at 10:25. I spent the whole morning running. Tomorrow am (7:45!!) the plumber will be here to replace the garbage disposal--yes that went out too--and replace the utility sink in the basement. Thank goodness--I DO NOT want to make another trip to the laundry mat. My back and belly still aren't happy with me.
So, Julia was up and going this am. She had a screaming nightmare last night--so at midnight I hit the floor running, comforted her, got her to the bathroom (just in case), snuggled her some more. Then got her up at 7 am--she takes a while to motivate. It's quite warm here today--90s. Tomorrow big drop. So, she wore her "daddy's girl" outfit. And yes, she is daddy's girl. Ted and the boys helped me get her to school today. She and her friend Anja were hand in hand. SOOOO cute! Rauan went to his Ready, Set, Go and I signed up for snacks and activites. Grandma is going to ride a school bus with him for one field trip--library trip. Hummm, wonder if her back will make it?? (It's a short trip)
The kids are napping right now--they aren't used to thhis early morning stuff. Thank goodness for that. I might take a nap!

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