Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ahhh--alone at last

I've picked up a couple of days at work, so I made arrangements for the kids to stay at Grandma's and then their Aunt Mimi's. It's a big vacation for them. Grandma has a HUGE backyard. I know--I used have to mow it :) So, plenty of running around for them. Then Aunt Mimi--well she spoils them rotten. Literally--candy, chocolate milk, sweets ,etc. I sent their toothbrushes along--but hopefully they crash before I pick them up! I'm taking advantage of them being gone and tomorrow morning the van gets cleaned. I just picked up stuff in it tonight and it's DISGUSTING-major disgusting. My kids are total pigs. Then came the cleaning out of the boys' room--just to find their underwear so I can wash it. I refuse to fold their clothes anymore and they are "supposed" to put everything in the hamper for me. Yeah right. As we're packing up for their little trip do you think we could find any clean underwear??? Nope. Nada, zip. Luckily we found enough--but now the wash has started--again. Right now Ted is cleaning the bathroom so I'm in hiding in the basement. I hate cleaning the bathroom, especially since I'm not the one that gets it dirty. Boys!! It sure makes things interesting. I cleaned the rest of the house--so I figure fair is fair. Ted would disagree--but he knows when to shut his mouth. 10 years of marriage will do that (12 if you count how long we've been together. Dad said we were married from the moment we met. Hey when you know you know).
Ok I better rescue/supervisor him.

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Hilary Marquis said...

Your life sounds shockingly like mine. I threw a major fit when I went in to tuck the boys in after they were asleep. Their clothes were everywhere!!! They undress and toss it into their massive stuffed animal piles never to be seen again. AHHHH! As for the bathroom, I feel your pain. But, in 10 yrs of marriage Tim has NEVER cleaned the bathroom. Good work, Ted :)