Saturday, July 19, 2008

Windy City Visit

We just got back from our visit to Chicago. Due to limited money and vacation time, we decided to visit Shedd's Aquarium and then Rainforest Cafe. Ted and I took Julia and Rauan last year and they had a blast! So, today Chewie got to experience it. Plus, we went for a long walk along Lake Shore Drive and saw Lake Michigan (plus we got rained on). It was a long long day and we have 3 exhausted children(hehe) and a couple ticked off dogs--one who demostrated her displeasure at not being included. It's much harder training a puppy when there are children in the house who seem to have a problem with picking up their shoes! Anyways, here's a couple of pictures. Yes, my children got tatoos (sprayed on). They picked them out--Julia has a dolphin (her favorite),Rauan choose a octopus that has orange in it and Chewie picked out a turtle. I wish there was a way to share the ooohhss and ahhhs that I heard today. Plus, alot of dropped jaws and staring. What a blast!!
Tomorrow, the craniofacial picnic at the zoo and a birthday party. Then mommy and daddy get a chance to pass out. Oh yeah--and replace the boys' bedroom door that they like to hang off of---yes hang off of.

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