Friday, July 11, 2008

Chewie update

Boy do kids recover fast!!! By Sunday, Chewie was acting as if nothing had ever happened--of course he slept really well that night! Gotta love the happy drugs. Today (Friday), I can't even see the stitches and he has just a teeny tiny pink area at the corner of his lip. Next weekend is the picnic for the craniofacial team, the kids and their families. I'm hoping that when Chewie sees our doctors in "human" clothing and sees them interacting--that will ease his discomfort somewhat. Of course, Rauan can't wait to see Dr. Del. The boy is a flirt!
Julia is sleeping over at Tori's tonight. I dropped her off and see didn't even look back at me. I talked to Tori's mom for a bit and all we heard from the house is giggling. Julia said that they are going to have a tea party tonight. Huuummm. Tori's a bit nervous around the dogs, so maybe once we get her more comfortable around them--I'll get the fun of two giggling girls. Of course, I had that when Levi stayed over too.
Bad news with Julia. The speech therapy isn't working. So, she's going to have an evaluation on Aug. 22 and some decisions will be made. I'm sure we're looking at surgery, the only question is when. She usually does surgeries on Wed.--so, with looking at our already tight schedule--I'll probably take the Wed. and Thurs. as my off days and then back to the usual on Friday. As Ted keeps reminding me--he is perfectly capable of taking care of the kids. I think we'll do the same for Chewie's repair also. Shoot, if something happens, Ted can just bring them to the ER and have me meet them downstairs! Julia will still have do speech therapy--but this will give her the "tools" to use.
It rained yet again here last night. Come on already!!! We had straight line winds of 50-70 MPH and there were trees down all over the place--except for that damn cottonwood. Every other tree will come down and that stupid cottonwood will still be standing. So much for a dying tree that is hazardous.
In other neighborhood news--Jabba (our nasty neighbor two houses down) is basically running retail out of her front lawn. It looks like a fricking junk heap. A yard sale every weekend and they just cover it with tarps. And the language that comes from there!! I mean, I know quite a few four letter words and have used them--but every other word at the top of her lungs--and then you get her mother involved. I think the nicest term to use is white trash--and that's insulting to white trash!! So, anyways, the newest man over there (yes, we can't keep track of which man for this day of the week--YUCK!!) was outside one day and Loki was outside and he started barking. Now I don't let the dogs bark. The time it took me to get from the front of the house to Loki was less then 30 seconds. As I get outside I hear "Shut that f-----g dog up before I shut it up". WTF!!! Oh that crap does not go for me! Hurt my dogs, hurt my kids---you better run asshole! So, the Madison building inspector has been called, the police have been called (they already have a file three feet high)and I don't care how much it costs--there is a 6ft. privacy fence going up on that sign of the yard--to within 10 ft of the street. That's the legal limit. So, that's pretty much every house in the neighborhood that has a big old privacy fence. Hummm--all around one house--think they would get the message? Nah--either too stupid or too arrogant. And yes--that is Jabba as in Jabba the Hut from Star Wars. The resemblance is uncanny. Yes, we will be moving for high school. If I can take it that long. Earplugs anyone???

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Hilary Marquis said...

Rats, surgery huh? I am glad she is in your home where she has access to the best of the best. I hope the picnic goes well for Alihan, maybe seeing his big brother flirting with the doctor will help! *lol* I can relate to your hatred of the cottonwood...I found out I am highly allergic to the the rotten things. And I sympathize with your neighbor situation. We've had 2 sets of different "dealers" rent the house next door. We live in a nice middle class neighborhood!!! These jerks had pitbulls and vicious rottweillers. Guess who knows how to construct a nice privacy fence? Tim did a great job at a fraction of the cost for a professional to do it. Have Ted call him :)