Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3 of Spring Break

Can we say spoiled?? Ok--not really too much spoiled. With all that is going on, and mommy guilt--I thought Julia might enjoy a pedicure. So, off we went this am. And she's enjoyed it. Hot pink with blue sparkles.

It got into the 70s here today. My rose bushes in the front of the house are starting to leaf out. Ted picked his new bike today and took it for a spin. Then, a nice run/walk. I'm really trying, but I do get winded fairly easily with running. Anything else I'm fine. Guess that's my new challenge.
Tomorrow, first thing, Julia is off for dental surgery. It's going to be a rough morning for us. Lots of ice cream.


J-momma said...

awww...i can't wait to do that with maya.

Mala said...

I love spa days with Morgan!
And I'd say Miss Julia deserved the pampering! Nice choice of color!