Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oral surgery aka day 4 spring break

Julia has missed so much school, but she needed teeth extracted. A little bit more complex then the normal tooth extraction because of the cleft and scar tissue.
First photo is the before. Next photo is a photo of her retainer--keeping the expander results in place. That was put in last week. Third photo is the after. She was totally miserable when we got home. Tears--from both her and momma. Its so horrible when I feel helpless to help my baby. She totally refused pain medicine. I finally insisted that she take medicine. 30 minutes later and much improved. The last photo is right now, eating a Popsicle. No straws for a week--so I spoon fed her chocolate shake when we got home.
Now because I am such a dork--Julia is sitting on my new couch and the last photo is my new chair. I wanted a chair like this since we decided to adopt--so 8 years or so. And Julia and I fit on it together just fine. I'm sure when its time--Rauan and I will fit on it and then Chewie and I will fit on it. It is super snuggly. Yes, I am a dork.


Christine said...

Oh poor thing. We are going to be going through this with Dennis in a few years.

Mala said...

Julia is a trooper!!!! And such a beautiful girl.

Nothing better than snuggling!