Saturday, March 6, 2010

Skating and hockey

Well, for some reason I can't see the photos until this publishes. Another blogger whoops.
Anyways, Julia is doing loop jumps now--and actually had her coach come look for me so she could show off. So, her is mid-jump and another with the almost always smile on her face. Seriously, the child puts on her skates and goes out on the ice--and her face just lights up!
Next is Rauan who is always asking to be in the goalie getup. Why---who knows? That's Rauan. He is doing so much better now that he is receiving asthma meds. The difference is amazing.
Next is Chewie. Ted moved him into a few cross-ice practices to give him experience. This was a drill they were doing. Not sure what it was--since I really still know next to nothing about hockey--but I thought he looked pretty cute.

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Mala said...

Great pictures. The last one of Julia gives me heart palpatations though.