Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Day 4

Couldn't get the pictures to load last night--so waited to try tonight. So, Thursday was a relaxed day, pretty much the kids playing in the backyard--and wearing them out (yeah!!). Later in the day we went to a large playground, then dessert first for supper at a ice cream parlor in downtown Lincoln. The girls then walked down to a little Russian shop and another shop that sells stuff from around the world. I'm drawing a blank on the name. The boys went to watch the trains and check out a train statue. The kids were exhaustd, so we headed back to the hotel and ordered in some dinner--with a micro brew that was really good--and I'm not big into microbrews! Slides, slides and more slides--what more can a kid want???
Another adult to corrupt them! (or is that just a big kid???)

Hilary swinging with Anara--aren't they cute?? I remember those days.

Again--more slides.

The princess telling me exactly what she thinks of mom constantly taking pictures. Yep--she's developing the "attitude"


bella1021 said...

gotta love the 'tude!

Hilary Marquis said...

Who's the cute big kid? ;)

janiece said...

Would that be the birthday boy--Mr. Tim???