Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacation Day 3

Of course the pictures downloaded the opposite of how I wanted. Oh well. On day 3 we drove from Higginsville MO to Lincoln, NE. As always, with our luck, the dvd player decided to die. There is no way on this earth I was going to survive over 4 hours in a van with 3 squirmy children. Wal-Mart, where are you???? Got past Kansas City, made it to St. Joe's, plugged Wal-Mart into the Garmin and off we went. Found Wal-Mart and low and behold, dvd players on the cheap. Well, sanity being a necessary thing--I bought 2. One for the middle seat, one for the back. I'll tell you, best damn money I ever spent! What? What is that I hear?? NOTHING!!! Nothing but Hannah Montana and the Incredibles (remind me to buy headphones). AAAAhhhhhh. So continued our journey and arrived at Hilary's house. 7 kids under the age of 7. Can you imagine??? Tim arrived shortly after and Hilary and I took off for the hotel to unload the luggage. The case of wine was wet on the bottom--so we of course had to look through and see if there were any leaking bottles--since that one would have to be opened right away and checked to see if it was still good(hiccup). I honestly think the plug on the cooler opened--but let's just go with the wine. 7 kids means 7 hungry children. So, shucked corn, cooked steaks and we all had a good time to say the least!
Dinnertime--one view of the table.
The other view. Yummm fresh corn on the cob.

Nothing is complete without a greeting from Penelope the chicken, Tyler's best bud! If I didn't have the dogs and cats (mainly the cats) I think we would look into having a chicken. She's pretty sweet--and very tolerant!

Ok, let's get this corn ready. I'm hungry!!!!


bella1021 said...

haha love it!

Maria said...

So jealous that EVERYONE gets to go see Hilary!! :-) The camera I got is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS. It's several steps up from my entry level EOS Rebel I bought almost five years ago. I'm thinking a class might be helpful for me too. Let me know how your class goes!

Mala said...

awwww, look at those cute little shuckers!!!!

and I hear ya on the DVD player. Sanity saver on our drive to PA!