Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lest anyone say anything--here is another love of my life--and the newest baby--Belle. Yeah--she doesn't like to sit still for long--but she loves me, loves Ted, loves the kids--wants to love the cats, who are having none of that! Such a sweetie! Look who isn't scared of fireflies?

And we can't forget the oldest baby (no not Ted) and my sweetheart, Loki--who is Julia's love slave, Rauan's buddy and Chewie's horse (yes Loki is that tolerant!)
And I know some of these pictures aren't as good as I would like--class is Sept. 1!


Mala said...


We were entertained by fireflies here last night. Still trying to teach Beck not to swat at them.

Maria said...

Tell me again what kind of doggies these are -- you probably have posted before -- they are stunningly beautiful!! Loved catching up on all the kiddos too!!

janiece said...

Norwegian elkhounds. Beautiful loyal dogs--and probably the only kind of dog I'll have from now on. But--you have to be able to handle barking and in my house, dog hair is the only real decoration we have! They are shedders--big time!