Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation day 1 and 2

Vacation started out with a bang! Our son who usually is up at the butt crack of dawn had to be woken at 8 am--and then told his daddy to "please shut the door I'm tired." UUUMMMM==WHAT??? Who are you and where is Rauan???
So got the kids going and we were on the road by 8:30 am with a minimum number of 4 letter words. I admit I did fall asleep for a while when Ted drove through the exciting state of Illinois. Before St. Louis(like a hour before) I took over the driving because Ted hates to drive in big cities--and it really doesn't bother me. Of course, the kids are learning some new terminology--but, otherwise.
So, our luck, we end up in the biggest fricking downpour I've seen in quite a while. Ended up pulling over in lake St. Louis and waited it out for 30 minutes or so. Two days later Ted tells me that tornadoes were spotted in the area and yes he say that on the blackberry put didn't see the sense in telling me. Thanks alot dear!
Got to Higginsville, checked into the local Super 8 and went to see Chari and family. Let me tell you--this is alot like coming home. Visited with them that evening and the next day and Wednesday we were on the road again--this time to Lincoln. Here's a few highlights--on my new camera of course. I'll update more on Lincoln tomorrow. Yes, gotta keep my readers reading!
No visit is complete without a trip to the river down by Dover. They got like 8-9 inches of rain all at once so the Missouri river was giving quite the show. Here's Chari with the boys.
Julia my little animal whisperer. I don't think there is an animal that doesn't respond to her gentle touch--and she loves them all. This is at Elden and Vicki's place--where we made the boys run and they also got to climb in Zach's treehouse!

Hey--boys and their trucks!

Every child needs to experience playing on train tracks. Yes, closely monitored, but there is definite joy in finding stakes and throwing rocks. And Rauan showing off his Polar Cap tattoo (on his neck)

Ahhh yes, the river. I know my father watches over us in heaven--but we're lucky enough that we have Bill (my FIL) and Chari's dad (Elden) to give my children the wisdom and joys of having a grandfather--and my security. I'm lucky to have such great men in my life!

No visit is complete without a visit to Baltimore Bend--the winery in Waverly that we love. Two thumbs up!! And Hilary was appreciative of their wine too (see gotta live those cliffhangers!). Yes, yet again I left there with a case of wine. Hey--the way it breaks down for me--that isn't much over the months between visits! And the kids love the sparkling grape juice--which I of course invested in 4 bottles of those.
More later!!

Ahhh Mr. Zach with Julia and Chewie. Can't forget about these beautiful people!


bella1021 said...

glad to hear it is going well :)

Mala said...

Baltimore Bender sounds like my kinda place!!!

Love the pictures! Sounds like quite the road trip. You are so brave!
Maybe your next roadtrip will land you in New England, huh? huh? I promise you lots of wine!!!!

And I LOVE Miss Julia's hair.

janiece said...

Mala--we've been talking about it--but I'm not sure if I'm up to taking 3 kids on 2-12 hour day road trips--YET! I might have to be brave and do the plane trip.
And you would love Baltimore Bend--I think that is one place we would have to drag you out of!