Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meaning of the iris

Per Hilary's request: Irises are my favorite flower (second stargazer lilies). There are alot around my house--in many many colors.
So, when we started the adoption process--first with Julia-- I was surpised by the amount of irises around our house when we came home with her. Then with Rauan, at the orphanage, during the 5 weeks we spent there, we watched a bed of irises pop up from the ground and go into full bloom during that time frame. When Chewie came home, the irises were just starting to pop out of the ground. So, irises with the kids' names just seemed right.
Now, in my opinion, is the freaky part. I started researching irises to find the perfect one. Which I found on my HospiceCare calendar--but that's another story. While researching I found the meaning of the 3 beards on an iris. Sends shivers down my back. Hope (Julia), Wisdom(Rauan), Faith (Chewie). Hope--that we would have our family and hope for the future. Wisdom--seeing the beauty behind this fat stubborn temper tantruming throwing little boy. Faith--my father is watching over us from heaven and showing that life does go on, plus trusting in faith for this "older" child. I know I know--you can find meaning in anything--but still.....

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Lisa said...

That's a beautiful story, JP. Thank you for sharing.