Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Pella

We made it to Pella today. Tomorrow, my dear friend Chari, her hubby Scott, son Zachery and Chari's parents and Scott's parents will finally meet Chewie. About damn time I say! Chari is probably one of my oldest friends--even older then Stephanie--if that's possible! She was the one I called right after I met Ted and told her I just met the guy I'm going to marry. And 5 months later I took him down there to get the approval of her folks and also to see baby Zachery. Scary--I talked with Zachery on the phone Monday night and his voice is starting to crack. I am getting old!!! While this trip is going on, my bathroom is getting trashed out. Well ok not trashed out--fixed. The tub surround that Ted and I put in--to fix the one that Rauan busted while he was trying to climb the wall (!!!!)--well cheap temporary fix. Now that I actually have some $--redoing it with new plumbing, vapor barrier, cement wall, tile, etc. In other words--doing it right so my little monkeys can't bust it again. Ok, I would like a bigger house--but after putting all this money into the place--I might end up leaving it in a casket and no other way! The boys can just deal with sharing a room!
I would also like to put a plug in for whoever invented portable dvd players. Whoever you are--you probably saved 3 kids' lives today! I'm glad we decided to delay the Disney trip. Aye Yi Yi!!
And while I'm at it--I'm so glad I got on to check my facebook and blogger tonight. It appears that my friend Sara( has a surprise coming in about 8 1/2 months! YEAH!!! I know this has been a long wait and I'm hope her uterus is sticky! Honestly Sara, as much as I complain about my kids--they are the best thing I've ever done (ok--about equal with marrying Ted). Parenthood is incredible. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Ok--do you suppose they are sleeping yet??? I snuck down to the business office and left them with Ted--and left Ted with a beer!


Hilary Marquis said...

SO, ya gonna make a side trip to Nebraska?!

bella1021 said...

awe thanks J!!!
Have a great vaca! I wish we could go away and all our house stuff would get fixed!!!

(ps we decided last night that we aren't moving yet-- if this all works out the way we hope it will) all our support is for now... its Pleasant street ;)