Saturday, April 25, 2009

Updates--and Julia's competiton

First things first, Chewie's boots--my styling boy! Julia got 5ht place in her "show" which is more then I expected! This was just more see what you think of this. Here she is showing off her ribbon with her coach and the famous Stacey. I'm serious, Julia lite up when she saw Stacey was there.

Crap, I thought I downloaded the one with Stephanie's eyes open. Oh well, Coach Stephanie and Julia. The perfect match in my opinion. Stephanie doesn't hold the punches, but she delivers them gentle and she expect it to be done right before Julia moves on. There is no such thing as "good enough". I like the idea of the foundation first! And Julia is thriving off of it.

And the famous Stacey. She was Julia's first babysitter, my friend Laurie's daughter. We love Stacey in our house--and in Julia's opinion the sun rising and sets on Stacey. I thank God for her. She is graduating from college this year and for the summer she is going to tutor Julia and Chewie. Chewie to get him up for kindergarten level and Julia to improve her reading skills. She came today with flowers for Julia. Again, what a blessing!

And Daddy yet again, Julia's servant. He can get the skates tied much tighter then me. I try, but the years of experience aren't there.

So, afterwards Julia told me that she wanted to compete again. I wasn't sure to cry tears of joy or tears of sadness. Joy since I want what she wants. I know she is good--she was the youngest competing today and she went out and just did it--no nervousness or nothing. All I want is happiness for my child. Sadness because there goes my money. The money I was making from HospiceCare was going into savings. You know what this means. Yep. Forget savings.
Oh well I accept this. When we made the decision to have children, we knew that it wasn't going to be easy. Things will always work out--and if they don't--well as before I'll make it work!
Oh in other news--just to brag Julia up some more (and trust me this is more important to me). After a totally shitty night at work, I came home to Julia "waiting" for me (Ted was instructed to wake her up). She had to show me her spelling test. 100% and her handwriting was perfect! Third time for 100%. We've been working very hard on this and I am so proud of her. I told her so and that I was so glad she waited to tell me--she made my whole night better.
Have I mentioned lately how blessed I am? Wonderful husband, incredible children,incredible family, job(s) that I love (most of the time) and great friends? Thank you God for your blessings!


Mala said...

Yay! Julia! So wonderful on both counts (her competition and her 100% spelling test!!!)
And I love Chewie's boots!!!!! If he ever wants to give them a try like a real cowboy, send 'em on over here!!

bella1021 said...

Love the boots!

Congrats to Julia- that is amazing for her first "show"!!

You definitly have seomthing that I strive for, for my family! ;) well I am not sure about the hockey though! we shall see!!hahah!