Monday, June 30, 2008

A zoo trip

It's been a fun day. Finally the weather is cooperating with us and Wisconsin is having a summer. Grandma came up today with cousin Robbie and we toured the zoo. Chewie is doing so much better. No meltdown today--of course, the promise of ice cream helps! The goats ate from his hand (with Grandma's help) and the zoo train is now open--it tours the children's zoo.
Tonight, momma got to play adult again and went to Pedro's for a baby shower and I had a margarita! I forgot what it is like to dress up and have adult conversation. I even had heels on.
Julia has another loose tooth, right next to the first one. I can see her adult tooth peeking out. Julia's has an appt. with her dentist on Thursday to have some fillings--so she'll get to show her the holes. For those of you that wonder--why the heck are you filling baby teeth--here's why. Cleft-affected children, especially those with a severe unilateral cleft as Julia's tend to have narrow palates. If the teeth collapse from cavities--you lose space and there are issues with getting spacing for the bone graft and making room for adult teeth--meaning more work for the orthodonist later (and more expense for me). I hope that makes sense. Also, internationally adopted children tend to have weaker teeth. Prenatal nutrition, poor nutrition while in the orphanage, little to no dental care, and lots of sugary treats lead to bad teeth. Add into that the issues with the cleft--and, I know the children's dentist really well!
Tomorrow--the pool again! We're supposed to hit around 86 degrees tomorrow. I hope so!

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Mala said...

Morgan is getting 3 filings at the end of the month. Everyone keeps asking me why fill baby teeth. I just thought it was because the detist needed make a payment on his boat.