Friday, June 13, 2008

Belated 'gotcha day' and burnout

This week 3 years ago, Janiece brought home Bubba. Boy has he changed! With the celebration of Rauan's and Julia's gotcha days, I started to reminisce a bit. It's funny how I would go back to Ulan Ude or Karaganda in a minute, but I would rather lose my male parts than deal with the facilitators from Bishkek again. Perhaps it's just the fact that I am burnt out. Between working, coaching the kids, and heading over to Kyrgyzstan twice, I have been on the run since last October. Well let me be the first to say that I may have over-extended myself a bit. JP is already saying "I told you so!" As of this weekend, I am free again. I am starting to question as to whether I want to keep coaching, as I really don't think that I am very good at it. When the kids grow up, will they remember me coaching or just being their biggest fan? Plus I am sure JP wouldn't mind if I took time off. My biggest fault as a coach is that I am so worried about keeping things organized and fun, that I never really know if what I do makes a difference. I can never tell if the parents think that I am helping their kids. Plus when I am coaching, I am always harder on my kids and I don't know if that is fair to them. Well the good thing is that I have a few months to clear my head and have some fun with the family again. I will be the first to say that I love Rauan and I will be forever appreciative to Elena, Olga, Boris, and everyone in Kazakhstan that made our trip a pleasant one. Happy Gotcha Day Bubba!

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