Friday, June 20, 2008

Doctor's appointments

This AM, Alihan saw Dr. Mount. Those of you around this area have probably heard me talk about the fabulous Del Mount. She is the plastic surgeon I work with and am totally impressed with her. Plus, the kids love her--particularly Rauan. Anyways, he's going in for surgery sometime soon--revise his lip (I told you it was crappy repair job) and rotate that nostril up on him--his poor little nostril is so flat that I don't know how he can breath. I know there is some sleep concern issues--but I do wonder if that is repaired if it will help. Time will tell. However, first he has to go see the urologist because Ted wants him circumcised. Please, no throwing fire balls at me. There are medical reasons for it--especially is the foreskin gets caught in a pants' zipper. So, we are trying to get this all lined up so ENT can clean out his ears, urologist to snip him (ouch!), dentist to do a good examination while he is under and then plastics repair. They are going to plan on keeping him overnight. I wondered about taking him home--but Dr. Del is right--he will probably need IV fluid--probably a little zofran (anti-nausea), etc. It won't hurt for me to be at my unit overnight--experience life on the other side! She also heard the noises from Julia's nose while Julia was talking--yep, probably looking at surgery there too. Hummm--one of these surgical times, I think it might be Ted's turn to stay overnight!

I'll keep everyone updated!

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