Saturday, June 14, 2008

holy moly

I can't believe 3 years! He looks so completely different. For those of you who didn't know us then--Rauan gave us a few issues. #1 being giradia that took over a year to get rid of--oh that was nasty. He also was violent. Threw things, hit things whenever he didn't get his way. It was rough. But, he is totally different now. Occsionally temper issues but I would say he is probably one of the sweetest kids on earth--loves to snuggle with his momma--which of course makes him smart too! OMG--and hair like silk! He came home with the nastiest hair. Now it is literally like silk. Shows what a good diet will do!
Oh yeah--Chewie overcame his fear of water. We acutally had a afternoon that was relatively decent here and we went swimming. The boy LOVED it!!! Ok, so I have my figure skater, my hockey player--and now possibly my swimmer??? (actually Julia and Rauan are big time swimmers too). But he took to water like a duck to water.

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