Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here comes the flood!

So, we avoided most of the flood. However, some people I know did get hit. We just heard the part of I-94 is closed off due to the concerns with the Rock River overflowing. This reminds of the floods down in Missouri in I think 1994? when some of the hundred year old graves floated up. I remember driving on I-70 and there were a couple of sections where the interstate was covered with water. So now I guess it's just our turn. I was going to take the kids up to the Dells next week, while my niece Jemma was visiting. They have the coolest jet boats for touring the lake. Well Lake Delton is gone. Burst the dam, blew out the road and went into the Wisconsin River. Current thought is that it won't be full again this summer. Maybe next year.
Today, finally seeing the sun again. I knew it was there somewhere. So, the kids and I went with Ted to his softball game. He played and we walked over to the playground area. For those of you that know the area--Warner park is where our hometown baseball league plays (Madison Mallards) and where Rhythm and Booms is---in other words, it's a HUGE park. So, here's a couple of pictures of the flooding there. That USED to be a soccer field. We took the kids to the Chocolate Shoppe (ice cream) after the game. I figured I had burned some calories:) Yeah--they were happy.
On Wednesday, my SIL were supposed to go to Galena to check out some things for her upcoming wedding. But Ted was having a panic attack about getting the kids back on time for their soccer game. So--to save ME some stress, we've rescheduled. Instead, Monona pool opens up tomorrow. FUN FUN! We're going to test our Chewie on a pool. He likes showers now--so gotta try sometime. Aunt Mimi (SIL) is coming to the rescue for the challenge of 3 kids, one not so sure of the water and one stressed momma. Me stressed??? Nah-never.
By the way, Chewie has gained 4lbs (at last check) since coming home. When do you think he'll start transferring that to height???I know it took Rauan at least a year. I'm a little concerned because his stool is still floating--formed but floating. I know--gross, but look what I do for a living--not much grosses me out. Giradia(ova and parasite) was negative. Anyone have any ideas? I want those nutrients to go to him not some bug.

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Mala said...

So floaters are bad? See, I learn something everytime I come here.
I need to measure Beck again soon (we usually do it every few weeks when he makes his routine trips to the ER). I noticed the other day he had sprouted upwards quite a bit, of course he was wearing his sister's princess heels at the time. sigh.
So anyway we could convince you to join the big shindig in San Diego next weekend?????????