Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trip profile

It will be a two trip process. On our first trip, we meet the child, get to know him and say, yes we want to adopt him. Then we come home. Our coordinator actually goes to court for us( Ted had a big smile on his face when he heard this!), the court says "ok" and the waiting period starts--which is 30 days. After 30 days, Ted goes back and picks him up and they travel to Almaty to the US Embassy. Note, I said Ted. Only one parent has to go--and I did with Rauan. So, it's Ted's turn! So, they will do all the embassy stuff and come home. That is a 10 day trip. I think travel time is included in that one.
Just talked with my mother-in-law this am and we have a tenative plan lined up for childcare, etc. This timing is going to work out well for the kids and not messing up their schedules.

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Mala said...

So excited for you. I'm sure you know this already but just in case... Since your husband is flying solo for trip #2, make sure he is listed FIRST on your 171-H and also, make sure he has copies of your visas from trip #1. You do NOT want to go through what I went through at the embassy.