Thursday, December 27, 2007

Are we ready yet????

After a wonderful Christmas, I went back to work--with the frequent question being--"are you packed? are you getting excited?" The answer to both is--heck no!!! I haven't even started thinking about packing--although yesterday I did buy some clip type hangers so I can wash undies in the sink and dry them at the hotel--thus saving some luggage space, I hope! I finally got the last of the paperwork gathered yesterday. In the midst of all of this, while relieving stress chewing hard candy---yep, you guessed right--I cracked a tooth. So, today, a trip to the dentist. Ted and I both have the weekend off, so we're going to be hard-hitting and get everything done. Ted's "adoption shoes" finally wore out, so he is going to get more. Me--boots. I know no one really wears shoes indoors so, I'm not out to make any kind of fashion statement---boots it is for me!

Julia and Rauan loved their new bikes. I can't believe Julia really is tall enough for a 20" bike! What happened to that teeny tiny baby I brought home--who was in 6 month clothes at 14 months of age???? Then Bubba. Folks--believe it or not, the boulder on toothpicks has grown legs. And not just any legs mind you--muscular strong legs--with an adorable little butt! The hockey sure has helped him. He looks nothing like that fat little chunk we brought home.

My SIL got to listen to me freak out on Christmas. How the heck am I going to manage being away from my babies for 2 weeks. I cried constantly when I left Julia to go get Rauan. And she was with her daddy!!! I'm going to buy some calling cards. I've looked into the Skype phone and other options--but we're not taking our computer (hence needing a place with computer access), and not wanting to run up costs, I thought that would work best. I did see that Bishkek is exactly 12 hours ahead of Madison. That will make it easier--maybe.

Off to get some pants hemmed (thanks Mom!!!) and a tooth fixed (yippee).


Hilary Marquis said...

Julia and Rauan will be fine. I had never left the kids for more than 24hrs before Kyrg. It was hard on all of us, but we did survive. They understood we were going to help "Baby Nara" and they just wanted us to bring her home. Your family and friends will take excellent care of the kids and someday they can tell the little guy what their part was to help bring him home :)

TheMom said...

Oh JP! You've got to be so stoked and yet so in the "I've got a million things to do and would like another week but can't wait another week to meet my baby" stage that I still remember so well. And I understand missing your kids while you're gone. It's a pity they'll not likely miss you ;) Nah, they'll miss you too but the spoiling of your relatives will take the edge off for them.


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